The Teacher

Barbara Cavalca

Registered with the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association, she became a teacher in London with the the Karam Kriya School under the supervision of world-renowned teacher Shiv Charan Singh. Having worked as a tax manager in Italy and abroad for many years, she brings to her classes an understanding of the stresses of corporate and city life, exploring with passion what it means to be a spiritual being living a human experience.
Barbara teaches to people of all ages, flexibility and levels of fitness, developing supportive and funny classes. The belief characterizing her classes is that yoga allows people to be more who they really are, helping them in developing their potential, and in becoming more present.

ikytaBarbara, as a member of the Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (KYTA), is fully insured to teach yoga. She is currently teaching Kundalini Yoga in Luxembourg (link here), and organizing Kundalini Yoga retreats in Italy.